Instructor: David Arctur

Course Meeting Times

Thursdays, 9 AM - 12 Noon, UTA 1.210A

Course Description

Basics of Geographic Information Systems (GIS): how they are designed, created and used. Each 3-hour class will have an hour of lecture and 2 hours of computer lab, during which students will work through a set of lab exercises and their own chosen term project. Invited expert lecturers will describe novel applications of GIS for state and national government, geology, and the study of water resources. We will also introduce issues, standards, and technologies for distributing and exchanging GIS data across computing platforms and user communities.

Professor: David Arctur, PhD
Phone:office (512) 232-7149, cell-text (512) 771-1434, home-office (512) 312-9922
Office:EPS 1.148, 2275 Speedway (main campus) or UTA 1.210A (iSchool computer lab)
Office Hours:By appointment

Teaching Assistant: (not this term)