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INF 392G: Management of Preservation Programs
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Class 1 (January 16): Introduction/overview; review of syllabus; the academic research library in 2008; preservation challenges in 2008

Class 1 PowerPoint Presentation


Teper, Thomas H. “Challenges for the Future of Library and Archival Preservation.” Library Resources and Technical Services, 2005. Available on UTLOL.

Hisle, W. Lee. “Top Issues Facing Academic Libraries: A Report of the Focus on the Future Task Force.” College and Research Libraries News, 2002,

Atkinson, Ross. “Introduction for the Break-Out Sessions: Six Key Challenges for the Future of Collection Development.” Cornell Conference on Open Access Scholarship, Cornell University, October 10, 2005,


Drucker, Peter F. Management Challenges for the 21st Century. New York: Harper Business, 1999, pp. 73-93. Available on UTLOL.


Classes 2 & 3 (January 23 & 30): The work of the preservation manager; organization of preservation and program components; preservation planning and policy

Class 2 PowerPoint Presentation

Class 3 PowerPoint Presentation


Banks, Pilette: chs. 1, 2 and 3


Various position descriptions.

Various organization charts.

Merrill-Oldham, Jan; Morrow, Carolyn Clark; and Roosa, Mark. Preservation Program Models: A Study Project and Report. Washington, D.C.: Association of Research Libraries, 1991.

University of Colorado at Boulder: NEH/ARL Preservation Planning Program, Final Report. By Nora Quinlan, Chair. Washington, D.C., Association of Research Libraries, August 1990.


American Library Association. Preservation Policy. Chicago, IL: American Library Association, 1991 (revised 2001).

ACQWEB’s Directory of Collection Development Policies on the Web.
Look at collection development policies for college and university libraries (look for mention of preservation).  Look at library mission statements for these libraries.  Also look at the collection policy for the National Film and Sound Archive ( 

National Archives of Canada. “Preservation Policy.” December 2001.

Columbia University’s preservation policies.

Yale University Library Preservation Department 35th Annual Report, July 2005 – June 2006.


Cunningham, Ellen. “The Preservation Officer’s Role in Collection Development.” Wilson Library Bulletin 67 (November 1992): 27-29, 107. Available on UTLOL.


Classes 4 & 5 (February 6 & 13): Selection for preservation; needs assessments

NOTE: Dr. Philip Doty will be the instructor for class 5.

Class 4 PowerPoint Presentation


Banks, Pilette: ch. 12


Walker, Gay et al. “The Yale Survey: A Large-Scale Study of Book Deterioration in the Yale University Library.” College and Research Libraries (March 1985): 111-131.

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Available on UTLOL. Preserving the 20th Century: California Preservation Survey of Moving Image and Recorded Sound Collections. March-June 2007 (published Oct. 14, 2007).

Frost, Hannah. “Sampling Survey Methodology Resource Sheet.” From presentation during Sound Savings: Preserving Audio Collections, a symposium held at the University of Texas at Austin, 24-26 July, 2003.


Classes 6 & 7 (February 20 & 27): Conservation of general and special collections; mass deacidification

NOTE: We will visit the UT Libraries Preservation Department and the Humanities Research Center's Conservation Department during class 6.

Class 7 PowerPoint Presentation


Banks, Pilette, chs. 13 and 16


Grandinette, Maria and Silverman, Randy. "The Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group: Taking a Comprehensive Look at Book Repair." Library Resources and Technical Services 38 (July 1994): 281-87.

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Pilette, Roberta. “Mass Deacidification: A Preservation Option for Libraries.” World Library and Information Congress: 69th IFLA General Conference and Council. 1-9 August 2003, Berlin.


Class 8 (March 5): Library Binding

Class 8 PowerPoint Presentation


Banks, Pilette, ch. 14


Eyler, Carol E. “Binding Problems to Watch Out for: Mistakes, Cosmetic Problems, Structural Problems” and “Steps In Improving the Binding Program.” in Managing a Library Binding Program. Washington, D.C.: Association of Research Libraries, 1993, pp. 12-21.

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ANSI/NISO Z39.78 - 2000 Library Binding. PDF available for download on Conservation Online website:
a href="

Ogden, Sherelyn. “Guidelines for Library Binding.” Preservation Leaflet 7.1. Northeast Document Conservation Center, 2007.

Kesse, Erich (for University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries, Preservation Office, Binding Services). "RFP for Binding Services."


Class 9 (March 19): Reformatting


Banks, Pilette, chs.15 and 17 (latter chapters now dated but still useful)


Kennedy, Marie R. “Reformatting Preservation Departments: The Effect of Digitization on Workload and Staff.” College and Research Libraries 66:6 (2005): 543-560.

Take a look at some of the reports of the Harvard Weissman Preservation Center’s digital, microfilm and hybrid initiatives. (NEH microfilming statistics)


Class 10 (March 26): Cost Analysis; Contracting for Services

Calvi, Elise; Carignan, Yvonne; Dub, Lize; and Paper, Whitney. The Preservation Manager’s Guide to Cost Analysis. Chicago: American Library Association, 2006. Read entire book. 3 copies available in Kilgarlin Center Resource Center.


Harris, Carolyn; Mandel, Carole; and Wolven, Robert. “A Cost Model for Preservation: The Columbia University Libraries’ Approach.” Library Resources and Technical Services 35 (January 1991): 33-54.


Kesse, Erich J. (for University of Florida). “RFP for Microform Storage.” 1993.

Palmer, Patricia (for Virginia Commonwealth University). “RFP for Commercial Binding.” 2001.


Class 11 (April 2): Emergency Preparedness


Preservation of Library and Archival Materials: A Manual. Andover, MA: Northeast Document Conservation Center, 1999. Section 3, Leaflets 1-9.

Indiana University Libraries - Bloomington, Preservation Department. “Disaster Response Plans: Main Library.”

Lederer, Naomi and Ernest, Douglas J. “Managing the Media During a Library Crisis.” American Libraries 33 (December 2002): 32-33. Available on UTLOL.

Take a look at the resources at


Class 12 (April 9): Staff and user education; grant writing

To be announced.


Class 13 (April 16): Grant writing and fundraising

NOTE: We will visit the Hog Foundation for this class period.


Class 14 (April 23): Staffing the preservation program


Schein, Julia and Belinda Delisser. “The Lost Art of Interviewing: How to Hire Without Regret.” Prepared for Special Libraries Organization (2007).


Class 15 (April 30): Needs Assessment project presentations


Lisa Germany Papers by Katie Risseeuw and Emily Vinson

Dewey Decimal 000s Pamphlet Bindings by Rebecca Holte and Tiffany Shropshire

Middle Eastern Collection: History of Iraq Since 1919 by Shelley Rowland, Melissa Tedone, and Sarah Weinblatt

Youth Zoology Collection by Caitlin Bumford and Sarah Norris


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