Instructor: Glynn Harmon

Course Meeting Times

Mondays, 6:00-9:00 p.m. UTA 1.208

Course Description

Description: Nature of social science research and its role in library and information science. Critical evaluation of research in the literature. Performance and reporting of empirical research. Qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis techniques, including descriptive and inferential statistics. Graduate standing required..

Professor: Glynn Harmon
Phone:(512) 471-3972
Office:UTA 5.408
Office Hours:Immediately after class and Tuesdays, @ 2:00-3:00 pm or by appointment.

Teaching Assistant: Carol Brock
Phone:(512) 323-9214
Office:UTA 5.558
Office Hours:Mondays, 11:00 am-Noon in UTA 5.558; or Virtual office hour (email): Fridays, 1:00-2:00 pm.