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  1. Write a biographical sketch of one of the winners of the Caldecott Award. What do they say about their work and about children's literature in general? How do they fit into the history of picture book publishing? Online Web sites for Author and Illustrator Information is a goodsource for biographical information. Two books have been placed on reserve to help with this assignment. Using them is optional: Newbery And Caldecott Medal Books, 1966-1975 : With Acceptance Papers, Biographies, And Related Material from the Horn Book Magazine and Newbery And Caldecott Medal Books, 1976-1985 : With Acceptance Papers, Biographies, And Related Material from the Horn Book Magazine.Two beneficial Web sites are the National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature and the Children's Book Council.

    In addition to addressing the previous three questions, consider addressing any or all of the following topics:

              A. a critical review of the illustrator's works (esp. the Caldecott winning book)

             B. artistic methods employed in the illustrator's works (esp. the Caldecott winning book)

              C. common artistic elements used in his/her books

              D. the development of the illustrator's style throughout his/her career.

    A-D are just suggestions. Feel free to address any other related topics if you so desire. Please note that your assignment should provide much more information than a short, superficial biography of your illustrator. Incorporate the information gathered from your readings and any other sources as you examine and write about your illustrator's work(s).

  2. Write a seminar paper of 10 - 15 pages on a topic about children's picture books. The following are some examples for possible topics:

    A. Select a particular story from the folk or fairy tale tradition or other story that has been written/illustrated in a different style. What are the differences among the textual interpretations of the story? What are the differences among the visual interpretations of the story? Are the different versions intended for different audiences? Visit Versions of Snow White and the Cinderella Project as examples of exploring one story in depth.

    B. Compare the multicultural content of a Caldecott book with another picture book with a similar theme. Analyze them for cultural differences in text and representation.

    C. Find a theme or story in a Caldecott book that is of interest to you.  How is this theme carried out by a variety of authors and illustrators?

    D. Current Issues and Trends. Select a topic of current interest in literature for young children. Prepare a written paper stating the background, present status, pros and cons of the issue.

    For the seminar paper: Prepare a reference list of sources consulted in exploring the topic. (Suggested citation style is APA, but other styles may be used as long as the citation style is consistent throughout the reference list and paper.)  Prepare an oral presentation for the class with examples of illustrations relevant to your discussion.

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