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Books on Reserve at PCL

Alderson, Brian. Sing a Song for Sixpence. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, in association with the British Library, 1986. PN 1009 A39 1986, PCL Stacks.

Bader, Barbara. American Picture Books from Noah's Ark to the Beast Within. New York: Macmillan, 1976. NC 965 B32, PCL Stacks.

Cianciolo, Patricia Jean. Picture Books for Children. Chicago: ALA, 1997 (4th Edition). Z 1037 C565 1997, PCL Stacks.

Finazzo, Denise Ann. "All for the Children: Multicultural Essentials of Literature." Albany NY: Delmar Pub., 1997. PN 1009 A1 F48 1997, PCL Stacks.

Hearne, Betsy and Roger Sutton, eds. Evaluating Children's Books: A critical Look: Aesthetic, Social and Political Aspects of Analyzing and Using Children's Books. Urbana-Champaign IL:University of Illinois, GSLIS, 1993. PN 1009 A1 A42 1992, PCL Stacks.

Hunt, Peter, Ed. Children's Literature: An Illustrated History. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995. PR 990 C498 1995, PCL Stacks.

Johnson, Paul. Pictures and Words Together: Children Illustrating and Writing Their Own Books. Portsmith, NH: Heinemann, 1997. LB 1140.5 A7 J65 1997, PCL Stacks.

Lacy, Lyn E. Art & Design in Children's Picture Books: An Analysis of Caldecott Award-Winning Books. Z 1037A2 L33 1986, PCL Stacks.

MacCann, Donnarae and Olga Richard. The Child's First Books: A Critical Study of Pictures and Text. New York: H.W. Wilson, 1973. Z1023 M25, PCL Stacks.

Newbery And Caldecott Medal Books, 1966-1975 : With Acceptance Papers, Biographies, And Related Material Chiefly From The Horn Book Magazine. Boston: Horn Book, 1975. Z 1037 A2 N48, PCL Stacks.

Newbery And Caldecott Medal Books, 1976-1985 : With Acceptance Papers, Biographies, And Related Material Chiefly From The Horn Book Magazine. Boston: Horn Book, 1985. Z 1037 A2 N49, PCL Stacks.

Newbery and Caldecott Mock Election Kit: Choosing Champions in Children's Books. ALA 1994. Z 1037 A2 S72 1994, PCL Stacks.

Nodelman, Perry. The Pleasures Of Children's Literature. White Plains, NY: Longman, 1996. PN 1009 A1 N63 1996, PCL Stacks.

Nodelman, Perry. Words About Pictures: The Narrative Art of Children's Picture Books. Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press, 1988. Z1033 P52 N6 1988, PCL Stacks.

Protheroe, Pamela. Vexed Texts: How Children's Picture Books Promote Illiteracy. Sussex, England: Book Guild Ltd., 1992. LB1140.35 P53 P76 1992, PCL Stacks.

Schwarcz, Joseph H. and Chava Schwarcz. The Picture Book Comes of Age: Looking At Childhood Through the Art of Illustration. Chicago, IL: American Library Association, 1991. NC 965 S28 1991, PCL Stacks.

Stephens, John. Language and Ideology in Children's Fiction. London: Longman Grp., 1992. PN 1009 A1 S82 1992, PCL Stacks.

Whalley, Joyce Irene and Tessa R. Chester. A History of Children's Book Illustration. London : J. Murray with the Victoria & Albert Museum, 1988. NC 965 W5 1988, PCL Stacks.

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