INF 382U - Electronic Resources for Children and Youth

Spring 2010
Unique No. 27515
Classroom: UTA 1.210A
Class Meeting Day and Time: Mondays, 3-6 pm 

Dr. Barbara Immroth
Office: UTA 5.412
Telephone: (512) 471-3875
Office Hours: Monday 2:30-3:00 pm, after class, or by appointment

Teaching Assistant: April Norris
Office Hours: Available by appointment


The purpose of the course is to explore the electronic information resources available for children and young adults.  Together we will consider the following questions:

  • How do children and youth learn in the electronic environment?
  • What are the rights and responsibilities of children and youth in the electronic environment?
  • How can web resources help children and youth acquire content and communicate results for academic and personal needs?
  • What is the role of librarians and libraries in the electronic environment?

During our time together, we will look at electronic information available on the Internet and explore the answers to the questions above.

The focus of the course is on exploring, working, talking, and learning together. This is a seminar. Each student is expected to actively participate in class discussion, projects and readings (when you see something that would be of interest - share it with the group). We will often work in small groups, and many assignments are accomplished through small group collaboration.

It will be helpful if you are comfortable using a Web browser and search engines and that you know how to access articles in the subscription databases and electronic reserves offered through UT. An email distribution list is available through Blackboard (Bb) for communication outside of class time. Accordingly, you should expect to check your email at least once a day. Students should also use Bb's discussion board as a forum for further discussion, as well as for sharing articles, news, and important Web sites.

We will not have a required textbook for this class; however, you will need to access selected readings using UT's Library Online (links are available on the "Readings" page). All assigned readings are required and necessary to participate fully in class discussions. Some of the reading assignments are on the free Web, and there are links to those sites from the course Web page. Please contact the TA as soon as possible if you find a broken or inactive link.

This semester's class is largely based on the course by the same title offered during Summer 1995 and taught by Viki Ash, Mary Lynn Rice-Lively and Barbara Immroth as well as those taught in following semesters by Barbara A. Jansen, Don Hamerly, and Barbara Immroth. The syllabus has been adapted from classes that these instructors have shared over the years.


Last updated January 18, 2010