Topics Readings & Assignments
January 25
Introductions & Overview of the Course Brainstorm types of electronic resources.
Read article about 2009 Texas House Speaker race.
Also review:
iSchool Technology Tutorials
University of Texas Libraries Homepage

February 1
Consuming Online Information - Access and Use Issues Discuss blogs and RSS feeds.
Discuss Topic Paper.

Guest speaker: iSchool Purpleshirt or TA

February 8
Consuming Online Information - Databases, Web Portals, and e-Books Guided Classroom Practice: Webpages
February 15
Consuming Online Information - Evaluating Sources Guided Classroom Practice: Evaluation Rubric

DUE: Email approved subject of topic paper to Dr. Immroth.

February 22
Consuming Online Information - Databases Guest speaker: Lannin Heflin, ESC Region XIII

NOTE: Class meets at 5701 Springdale Rd., 78723
March 1
Consuming Online Information - Information Literacy Models Guest speaker: Megan Cooper, District Library Cordinator, Leander ISD

Generations M2: Media in the Lives of 8-to-18 Years Olds
Shaping Youth
DUE: Topic Paper

March 8
Consuming Online Information - Information Literacy Guest speaker: Idit Hazel Caperton, Globaloria
March 16
Spring Break - No Class Relax
March 22
Creating Online Information - Building Web pages Guest speaker: Lecia Barker, iSchool Research Associate Professor on Science Web Portal research.
You'll find the PDF in the Course Documents section of Blackboard.
March 29
Creating Online Information - Ethics: Copyright and Plagiarism Guest speaker: Purpleshirt

DUE: Rubric for Evaluating Internet Resources
April 5
Creating Online Information - Incorporating Resources Guest speaker: Russlene Waukechon, TexShare Database Coordinator, Texas State Library and Archives Commission
April 13
Creating Online Information - Building effective Web pages Classroom Activity: Work on Webpages

DUE: Copyright Assignment
April 14 - 16
TLA TLA Conference in San Antonio
April 19
Ethics and Security - Privacy & Safety, Cyberbullying
April 26
Ethics and Security - Intellectual Freedom Guest speaker: Carolyn Foote, District Librarian, Westlake High School Library

NOTE: Class meets at 3:45 at 4100 Westbank Drive, 78746.
May 3
Librarian Role - Incorporating Online Information Evaluations & Affirmations

Guest Speaker: Dr. Viki Ash, San Antonio Public Library Youth Manager
Dr. Ash's San Antonio Public Library Profile

DUE: Webpage Assignment

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