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Evaluation & Assessment


All assignments should be submitted at the beginning of the class period.

Discussion of Professional Readings: Post to the discussion board (Blackboard) a summary of your reactions to readings and prompts about the week's readings.  Also include a citation (starting with 2/4 - NATIONAL GUIDELINES) for a new article that you found through searching journals, periodicals, and/or online databases that is pertinent to the topic being discussed.  For each article,  please include a full citation, a brief 2-3 sentence summary, and a persistent link if possible.

Due each week on Monday night at 11:59 p.m. 


Facilities Plan: Using information provided in the case study, outline a Facilities Plan for a school library. Take into account the TEA Guidelines and features listed below. Be specific about each item. Indicate placement on floor plan you have been given. Additional comments may be listed on separate sheets. You will receive further information when Elizabeth Polk visits our School Library Management class on February 11.

  1. Furniture: table, chairs, carrels.
  2. Furniture: catalog, charging desk, shelving, dictionary and atlas stands, book trucks, step stools, computer tables..
  3. Media production equipment.
  4. Equipment for listening/viewing in the library and for circulation to classrooms.
  5. Floor coverings, ceiling and lighting, use of color.
  6. Office furniture and equipment, workroom furniture and equipment, storage space and filing cabinets.
  7. Security systems.
  8. Computers, automated systems.
  9. Signs.
  10. Special features, such as, homes for animals, puppet stage, story area, display space.

Due March 3 in class.


Grant Proposal: Work in a small group to present the following:

  • Develop concept and fit into RFP guidelines
  • Identify information needed to complete the RFP and where you would get the information
  • Present 4-5 page written report.

More information about writing grants can be found at the U.S. Department of Education.

Due April 7 in class.


Five Year Plan: Includes:

Due April 28 in class.


Discussion of Professional Readings on Topics for the Week: 25%
Grant Proposal: 20%
Facilities Plan: 20%
Five Year Plan: 25%
Class Particiption* : 10%
Total: 100%

*Class participation includes relating to readings and field experience; participation in field experiences and attendance at professional association, School of Information programs, and our regularly scheduled class time.

School of Information Grading Policy and UT Academic Integrity policy will be used.
Late papers will receive one grade lower per day.


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