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  1. The student should become familiar with a wide range of professional information about topics of concern in administrating a school library program.
  2. The student should be familiar with features necessary in planning facilities and apply this knowledge in a case study situation.
  3. The student should be aware of current issues and trends in school library programs and be prepared to develop a position on such issues and trends.
  4. The student should be familiar with administrative procedures in a school library program, and have practice in developing a planning document and budget; and a grant proposal.


To meet these objectives the student will be required to complete the following:

  1. Learn how to access/evaluate databases and Internet resources.
  2. Read excerpts from the Standards for the 21st Century Learner in Action and the Texas School Library Standards.
  3. Read a wide range of professional information about administering a school library program and prepare annotations of the readings and summaries of presentations.
  4. Read the literature about facilities planning. Design a facilities plan for a given situation using knowledge of necessary features gained from class lectures and readings.
  5. Identify topics and read widely about current issues and trends. Discuss issues in written reports and in class discussions.
  6. Using professional readings, develop a Five Year Plan, budget and presentation for new teachers for the case study school.
  7. Prepare a grant proposal as part of a group.
  8. Participate in class discussions, projects, professional associations, and field experiences.
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