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Collection Development & Management Library of the Future
Elementary Library Visit Marketing & Advocacy
Facilities Planning and Development National Guidelines
Grant Writing & Budget Management Personnel Management and Performance Evaluation
High School Library Visit Program & Facility Management
Information Literacy & Resource-based Teaching and Learning Professional Organizations
Introduction, History, Philosophy, Preparation & Beginning Job Research
Journals State Guidelines

Introduction, History, Philosophy, Preparation & Beginning Job

School of Information Standard School Librarian Certificate Program

State Board for Educator Certification

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State Guidelines


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National Guidelines

Interesting Information from AASL


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Collection Development & Management

Loertscher, D. V. (1996). Collection mapping in the LMC: Building access in a world of technology. Castle Rock, CO: Hi Willow Research and Publishing. (Z 675 S3 L675 at PCL)

Kachel, D. E. (1997). Collection assessment and management for school libraries:
Preparing for cooperative collection development
. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. (Z 675 S3 K23 at PCL)

Harbour, D. (2002). Collection mapping. The Book Report, 20(5), 6-10. Also available through UT Library Online.


American Library Association (1996). Workbook for Selection Policy Writing. Available from the ALA website at

Evans, G. E. (200). Collection Development Policies. In Developing library and information center collections (pp. 69-90). Englewood, CO: Libraries Unlimited. (Z 687 E918 at PCLand also available as an electronic book at

See also the following websites for examples of library selection policies:


Yucht, A. H. (2000). Collection development concerns. Teacher Librarian, 28(2), 46-47. Also available through UT Library Online.

See also the following websites for more information on selection aids and criteria:

  • Collection Development Training for Arizona Public Libraries-see especially the section on the selection of library resources

  • Resource Guide for Collection Development from AASL

Minkel, Walter. (1 July 2002). Coming to a Small Screen Near You.
School Library Journal.


Reichman, H. (2001). Censorship and selection: Issues and answers for schools (3rd ed.). Chicago: American Library Association. (Z 675 S3 R42 at PCL)

Selverstone, H. (2001). Intellectual and academic freedom vs. filters and challenged materials: Where are you on this continuum? Knowledge Quest, 29(3), 5-7. Available through UT Library Online.

Texas Library Association (1996). Intellectual freedom handbook. Available from the TLA website at

See also the following websites for more information on censorship:

Website for ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom which includes links to the Library Bill of Rights and Censorship Questions and Answers (Censorship and Challenges) (Coping with Challenges) (National Coalition Against Censorship)


Gniewek, D. (2000). Worn tomes set the wrong tone. American Libraries, 31(11), 32. Available through UT Library Online.

See also the following websites for information about weeding:

LM Net listserv Sunlink Weed of the Month Club

A Power Point presentation on the CREW method. CREW stands for Continuous Review, Evaluation, and Weeding. This method has been time tested and is considered so valuable that many libraries simply refer to the CREW method as their criteria for weeding in their collection development policies. One copy of the CREW Method manual is free to Texas libraries though the Texas State Library.

The Idaho State Library offers free online courses in collection development and maintenance. The training is available at all times.

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Facilities Planning and Development

Baule, Steven M. (1999). Facilities Planning for School Library Media and Technology Centers. ISBN 0-938865-74-9 and is available from Linworth Publishing.

Brodie, Carolyn S. (April 2002). Thinking About the Facility. School Library Media Activities Monthly. v. 18, no. 8, p.34.

Erikson, Rolf & Markuson, Carolyn. (2000). Designing a School Library Media Center for the Future. ISBN 0-8389-0790-3. 128 p. $39.00 / ALA members, $35.10.

Lawrence, Barbara Kent. (December 2001). Effects of State Policies on Facilities Planning and Construction in Rural Districts. ERIC Digest.

Madenski, Melissa. Books Behind Bars. School Library Journal v. 47 no7 (July 2001) p. 40-42.

Plauche, Prima. Pearlington Public Library: a joint use school/library facility. Mississippi Libraries v. 64 no3 (Fall 2000) p. 81-82.

School Library Journal staff. My Noisy Sister. School Library Journal Online.

Simone, Larry. Public-to public partnering: school district and city join forces for powerful results in Flour Bluff. Texas Library Journal v. 77 no1 (Spring 2001) p. 18-23.

Library Buildings: Renovation and Reconfiguration.

School Construction News:


Examples of planning tools (Microsoft Excel format):

Five year plan at a glance

Five Year Materials Plan

Materials Collection Yearly Chart


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Information Literacy & Resource-based Teaching and Learning

Center for Digital Literacy at Syracuse University.  S.O.S. for Information Literacy.

Lorenzen, Michael.  The Information Literacy Land of Confusion.

North Central Regional Educational Laboratory.  21st Century Skills: Information Literacy

University of Texas Library System.  TILT.

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Grant Writing & Budget Management

Anderson, Cynthia. “Write a Grant Today”. Library Media Connection. Vol. 21, #4 January 2003 page 44.

Five Year Budget Plan Ideas from Toor, Ruth. (1982). Complete Book of Forms for Managing the School Library Media Center. West Nyack, NY: Center for Applied Research in Education. (Z675 S3 T585 1982)

Web Resources:

American Association of School Librarians. Resource Guides for School Library Media Program Development:

Corporation for Public Broadcasting:

EPA Grant-Writing Tutorial:

eSchool News Funding Center. Education Grants & Funding, Technology Products and Services:

Texas Library Association Grants, Scholarships, and Stipends for 2005:

University of Wisconsin Madison Grants Information Center.

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Marketing & Advocacy


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Program & Facility Management

Select readings from the bibliography in Information Power, PP 115-121.

Polk, Elizabeth. Making Your Move: Considerations for a Successful Library Renovation/Move.

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Personnel Management and Performance Evaluation

Haltzell, Gary. “Building Influence--Principals of Success.” School Library Journal Online.

Margolis, Rick. “A Measure of Respect (National Certification).” School Library Journal Online.

Simpson, Carol. “School Librarian’s Role in Electronic Age.” ERIC Digests Online.

St. Lifer, Evan. “The Seven Habits--How You Can ‘Break Through’ to Your Principal.” School Library Journal Online.

Wilson, Dr. Patricia and Dr. Angus MacNeil. “In the Dark: What’s Keeping Principals from Understanding Libraries.” School Library Journal Online.

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Library of the Future

Libraries for the Future,
“Libraries for the Future is a national nonprofit organization that champions the role of libraries in American life and helps individual libraries become more effective community institutions of the future.”

Curriculum/Information Literacy
The Big 6, Information Literacy for the Information Age,

Eduscapes, Approaches to Information and Communication Literacy,

Washington Library Media Association, Teaching Information Literacy,

Whelan, Debra L. (2002, November 1). Making research count. School Library Journal Online. Available at

Evaluating Websites Tutorial: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Available at

Minkel, Walter. (2001, December 1). 2002’s top tech trends. School Library Journal Online. Available at

Minkel, Walter. (2003, January 1). The once and future video. School Library Journal Online. Available at

Image Management
Anderson, Mary A. (2002, November 1). The value of staff development. School Library Journal Online. Available at

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Professional Organizations

Glendenning, Barbara J. and James C. Gordon. “Professional Associations: Promoting Leadership in a Career.” Library Trends 46, no. 2, 258-277, Fall 1997.
Available from UT Library Online.

Haltzell, Gary. “Increasing Your Influence by Addressing Self-Interest.”. Book Report 21, no.1, 25-29, May/June 2002.

Olson, Renee. “Start Spreading the News.” School Library Journal Online.

Other Internet Resources:

Internet Library for Librarians: Library Associations (United States)



Web Pages for Professional Associations for Teachers:

National Education Association:

Texas State Teachers Association:

American Federation of Teachers:

Texas Federation of Teachers:

Association of Texas Professional Educators:

Texas Classroom Teachers Association:

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Elementary Library Visit


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High School Library Visit


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Barron, Daniel D. “School Library Media Research 2000-2002.” School Library Media Activities Monthly, XVIII:10, June 2002. (This article is a nice annotated bibliography of the recent research on school library media centers.)

Lance, Keith Curry et. al. Information Empowered: The School Librarian as an Agent of Achievement in Alaska Schools. Juneau: Alaska State Library, 2000. (Z 675 S3 I57 2000)

Lance, Keith Curry, Lynda Welborn and Christine Hamilton-Pennell. The Impact of School Library Media Centers on Academic Achievement. Denver: Colorado Dept. of Education, 1992 (LB3044.73 C6 L36 1992)

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Journal of Youth Services in Libraries

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Ohio Media Spectrum

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