INF385T/CS395T: Crowdsourcing: Theory, Methods, and Applications (Spring 2012)
The University of Texas at Austin

INF385T/ CS395T: Crowdsourcing: Theory, Methods, and Applications (Spring 2012)

THIS COURSE IS CROSS-LISTED; IF ONE SECTION IS FULL, PLEASE ENROLL IN ONE OF THE OTHER SECTIONS. Computer Science students will receive the same credit toward requirements from CS regardless of which section they enroll in. If the CS listing is full, enroll in the other and email to request the CS major credit.

Crowd Computing (crowdsourcing + human computation) is a hot topic with a quickly growing body of research. Learn more about it here: Crowdsourcing Resources and Events

Instructor: Matt Lease
Day and Time: Mondays 3-6pm
Location: UTA 1.212
Unique IDs: 28590 (INF) and 53245 (CS)
Final Day/Time: There will be no final exam

Previous offering: Spring 2011 (we will have roughly the same organization in Spring 2012 centered around weekly readings and a course project)

Course schedule and readings

see BlackBoard discussion board to discuss topics covered or project ideas

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