Instructor: Sue Murphy

Course Meeting Times

Tuesdays, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM, UTA 1.504

Course Description

Introduction to the administration of preservation programs. The focus is on issues and problem-solving in the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage collections, focusing on library and archival materials. Topics include types and causes of deterioration, preventive care and stabilization of collections, conservation treatment, reformatting and digitization, and the basics of running a preservation program. Graduate standing required.

The emphasis of the course is on key preservation issues for libraries and archives and how those concepts are manifested particularly through conservation surveys and preservation needs assessments. In addition to the instructor’s weekly lectures, a series of experts will provide guest lectures to enhance the class experience.

The course will be presented in a seminar format with weekly lectures. Students will work in groups to write and present solutions to dilemmas posed during site visits to university libraries and archives. Other possible venues for visits include nearby historic facilities and archives.

Contact Info

Professor: Sue Murphy or
Phone:(512) 477-6741
Office:UTA 5.456
Office Hours:Tuesdays after class, and by appointment

Teaching Assistant: Lauren Algee

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