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Instructor: Don Turnbull
Phone: (512) 232-3508
Office: SZB 562C
Office Hours: by appointment

Class Meeting Times: 12:00 - 3:00 pm, Tuesdays
Classroom: SZB 446
Course Website:
TA: Larry Archer

Description: [Top]

This course surveys the technologies that support the Semantic Web. This course will approach understanding Semantic Web technologies from three perspectives:

  • Top-down, theoretical approaches to organizing semantic information including ontologies, taxonomies, knowledge representation and software agents.
  • Bottom-up approaches, sometimes called "emergent semantics" or "the lower case 'S' semantic web", for understanding and creating networked information including XML-based solutions including RDF, XPath and RSS. Also included are smaller, informal systems for organizing Web information including tagging (social bookmarking), microformats and other specific markup and distribution systems.
  • Application approaches focusing on Web Services or "Web 2.0" functionality including distributed (client and server) application design, syndication, Application Programming Interfaces, remote databases and "mash-ups".

Class work will include reviews of working semantic systems including discussion of their construction, interfaces and functionality.

Objectives: [Top]

  • Participate generously in discussions, attend class regularly, and complete assignments according to the course schedule.
  • Understand the history, state-of-the-art and future of Semantic Web methods and applications.
  • Use and evaluate Semantic Web Systems to facilitate individual and group work.
  • Develop a thorough review of Semantic Web application, both historical and speculative.
  • Originate and distribute research on a Semantic Web System topic.
  • Develop lightweight Semantic Web, Web Services or "Web 2.0" applications or alternatively research and write a scholarly research paper suitable for publication about topics related to Semantic Web techonologies.

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