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INF 389G Introduction to Electronic and Digital Records - Assignments, Spring 2010
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This class will generally be run like a seminar, with discussions focusing on the assigned readings and tasks carried out outside of class. There will be formal lectures on key areas of interest in digital records throughout the course. Course requirements consist of class attendance and participation, including a report at each class meeting; the drafting of a personal digital records management plan; an in-class essay at around mid-term; and a final objective quiz on the basics of the course.

Class participation (10% of grade)

Class attendance is expected for all students barring illness or religious holy days; multiple absences will affect a student's final grade for the course. Each student is expected to complete the required readings on a weekly basis and be able to discuss them in class, to demonstrate that the reading has been done and understood. This is a serious requirement and can make a letter grade's difference (do the math if you are concerned about grades). We have fourteen class meetings, and the first and last class meetings will be taken up with preliminary and summative discussions, leaving twelve classes in which we will discuss readings.

Digital Records Issues Report (AKA Weekly News Clips) (20% of grade)

At the beginning of each class we will discuss issues relating to digital records that have arisen during the past week in either the public press (including television news shows) or some other source of news (magazines, blogs, listservs, etc.). To come up with these issues, each student will be assigned to monitor a specific news source at the beginning of the course, and by Friday of each week you will post a paragraph summary of the news item you have found, with relevant citation information and one or more pertinent tags, to a forum on Blackboard. Our TA will review these posts to verify that you have done them and to come up with a list of several issues that encompass the news clips for the week; we will then discuss them at the beginning of each class. The report in class should take the form of an oral report but the student should keep all of the reports as individual paragraphs to turn in as a single document, including summative observations on the trend(s) implied by the items reported on, at the end of the semester. For the list of news sources (a mixture of official and unofficial aggregators) see the link here.

Personal Digital Archive Management Plan (40% of grade):

Each student will write a report outlining a personal digital archive management plan developed during the semester. The framework for this plan will be discussed in class and a handout will be provided early on. We will also discuss your progress as the class progresses. Reports are due April 19.

Final Examination (15% of grade)

This examination will be a primarily "objective" test, designed to encourage you to pay careful attention to readings and in class so that you will have a working familiarity with the issues and terms that are central to the understanding and management of digital objects.

In-class essay (15% of grade)

Students will write a timed essay in class on March 22.