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INF 389G - Resources, Spring 2010
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Materials for this Class

Inventory document to use in preparation of personal records plan:

Several British projects on personal recordkeeping:
The Paradigm project: Workbook on digital private papers:

The Versions toolkit:

NHPRC project links:

InterPARES bibliography of reports from NHPRC projects:
Creator Guidelines for individuals:

PADI portal site for digital preservation information:

Resources on Digital Art:

Archiving the Avant Garde: Documenting and Preserving Variable Media Art: There are many important links on this site, including an important report from the Guggenheim, Alain Depocas, Jon Ippolito, and Caitlin Jones (eds.), Permanence Through Change: The Variable Media Approach, available at:

404 Object Not Found project

Preservation project resources:

Dutch digital preservation testbed result papers (note there are three major reports on migration, emulation, and XML as a preservation strategy):

Public Citizen's online collection of documents on NARA's e-records management direction (with links to many significant reports):

Interesting stuff:

Presentation by Rick Prelinger titled "Are Archives Doomed?" that argues for opening archives to greater public access, delivered at the University of Pittsburgh on January 26 (click on the link on this page; the talk goes on for a little over an hour):


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