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INF 392K Problems in the Permanent Retention of Electronic Records - Texts, Spring 2010
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To kick off the class and bring everyone to the same place, you will use an excellent online tutorial from Cornell University Library:

"Digital Preservation Management: Implementing Short-Term Strategies for Long-Term Problems," available at:

If you are not familiar with some aspect of digital preservation (or even if you are) this tutorial articulates the outlines of the problem very well, with links to most of the important sources.

There is, thank heavens, now a book for us to use (focusing on the case study of the Edinburgh University DSpace repository). Unfortunately it is now somewhat out of date and now costs $85.00. If you want to get it and especially if you can find a used copy I urge you to do so, but I will make the readings available through e-reserves and on reserve in the library since all of it will not be assigned for specific readings. It is worth reading because it covers the whole process of actually establishing an institutional digital repository, and it can be helpful for reference.

Jones, Richard, Andrew, Theo. and MacColl, John. The Institutional Repository. Oxford: Chandos Publishing, 2006

You will see a number of other books referred to on the syllabus that you may want to purchase, but the assignments will be made available through online links or e-reserves. See the "Resources" page for easy access to additional useful materials that I will add to from time to time.