INF 397.3 - Digital Libraries ResearchSchool of Information - The University of Texas at Austin
Spring, 2010

Assignment 2: Co-Lead Readings Discussion

The field of digital libraries encompasses a wide range of more specific topic areas. In this seminar we will survey some of the more fundamental areas through readings and seminar discussions. In this assignment, you will help facilitate our survey by co-leading the readings selection and discussion for one digital library topic area.

Assignment Goals

The goal of this assignment is for you to become more familiar with the current state of research in a given digital library topic area, while helping the rest of the class to also learn more about this area. A secondary goal is to give you experience in facilitating a focused class discussion (which can be harder than it looks!).

Assignment Deliverable

There is no tangible deliverable for this assignment but, working with one of your fellow class members, you do have two responsibilities. First, you should survey the research literature related to your topic area and select a couple of readings that you believe would help guide an effective class discussion of that topic. Ideally, these readings (most likely two journal or long-format conference papers, but could be one journal article and two short papers) will enable the rest of the class to get a good sense of the current state of research in the topic area, what are the significant approaches or projects in that area, and/or what are the notable current opportunities and challenges for research in the area.

Second, you should think about how to facilitate the class discussion of the readings. This should include providing questions for the class to think about when assigning the readings, preparing additional questions to bring up during the readings discussion, and/or selecting visual aids or examples that could be shown during the discussion (though these should only be used to supplement the discussion and not consume a significant amount of the discussion time).

Teams and topics areas will be decided in Week 2 of the course. You should select your readings no later than the Wednesday one full week before the class meeting in which your topic will be discussed and send me a small number of associated readings questions (similar to those given in Week 3) at that time. You are encouraged to discuss your potential selections with me prior to making your final decision.


This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade. Unless it is clear that one member of your team had to take on the bulk of the selection or discussion responsibilities, each member of your team will receive the same grade.

Your grade for this assignment will be based on the following criteria:

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