INF 397.3 - Digital Libraries ResearchSchool of Information - The University of Texas at Austin
Spring, 2010

Course Schedule

Below is a week by week schedule of the course. The readings for many weeks are intentionally "TBD" because some of them will be selected by the students and some will be added based on the projects selected for Assignment 1. The schedule will thus fill out and change over the course of the semester.

Week 1: Introduction to Digital Library Research

January 21

Introduction to course and assignments; defining digital libraries, digital collections, and research; determining course projects


Week 2: Current Landscape of Digital Library Research

January 28

Current trends in digital library research; the digital library literature; components of the research process; group project management strategies


Week 3: User Needs; Problem Statements

February 4

Approaches for understanding user needs; setting research agendas; definition and value of problem statements

Readings: [readings questions]

Week 4: Literature Reviews

February 11

More on problem statements; role of literature reviews and research questions

Bring draft A1 problem statements to class


Week 5: Collections and Collection Development; Research Questions

February 18

Issues related to collections; more on literature reviews and research questions

A1 problem statements due Wednesday, 2/17, 9 am

Assignment 2 readings discussion (Eryn & Katie)

Readings: [readings questions]

Week 6: Digital Preservation and Archives; Research Questions

February 25

Issues related to digital preservation and archives; discussion of A1 research questions; operationalization; reliability and validity

A1 research questions due Wednesday, 2/24, 5 pm

Assignment 2 readings discussion (Carol & Lorrie)

Readings: [readings questions]

Week 7: Data Storage, Access, Distribution; Research Methods

March 4

Issues related to data storage, access, distribution; discussion of range of research methods used in digital library research

Assignment 2 readings discussion (Jeff & Brandon)

Readings: [readings questions]

Week 8: Project Work Day

March 11

Work on A1 projects

Week 9: No Class Meeting

March 17

Spring break

Week 10: Metadata, Cataloging, Information Organization; Research Methods

March 25

Issues related to metadata, cataloging, information organization; research methods

A1 literature review drafts due

Assignment 2 readings discussion (Jeanine & April)

Readings: [readings questions]

Week 11: Digital Library Services; Research Methods

April 1

Issues related to services for digital libraries; research methods

A1 methodology drafts due

Assignment 2 readings discussion (Liz & Ramona)

Readings: [readings questions]

Week 12: Project Work Day

April 8

Group meetings to discuss progress and project activities.

Week 13: Human-Computer Interaction; Research Methods

April 15

Issues related to human-computer interaction; research methods

Assignment 2 readings discussion (Ame & Yongyi)

Readings: [readings questions]

Week 14: Populations and Sampling; Project Meetings

April 22

Issues of populations and sampling for different research methods and purposes; A1 project meetings

Week 15: Project Status Discussion

April 29

A1 project discussions; groups provide feedback on other groups.

Submit PDF of your A1 paper draft, along with any other project products for which you would like feedback, to the Files section of Basecamp by April 26 at noon.

Review drafts submitted by the A1 groups and take notes for feedback discussion. See the Files section of Basecamp for example of Elsevier's reviewing guidelines.


Week 16: Course Wrap-Up and Final Presentations

May 6

Project presentations; discussion of plans for future work; course feedback

A1 final deliverable due at 3 pm.

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