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About this Course

ISchool graduates will, without exception, find themselves in organizations and projects that require managerial, organizational, and leadership skills. Fortunately, your experiences in various life roles already have taught you a great deal about managing and organizing. In this course we each will bring our own experiences and backgrounds to an examination of management theory, and we will begin to develop and apply our skills in a few specific organizational situations.

Today's information agencies are complex, evolving organizations. A course such as this can only begin to address management theories and philosophies that may help us function more thoughtfully and effectively within an organization. The management literature is enormous. The broad subject of "management" must be considered as much an art as a science, and can be studied from a wide variety of styles and approaches. This course will enable you to identify and question your personal assumptions about management, provide insights into your individual strengths and weaknesses as managers and leaders and maximize those strengths, as well as guide you in your understanding of organizational theory and behavior.

The class is an opportunity for all of us to explore important and challenging management, leadership, and organizational topics as they relate to our professional lives.

About the Instructor

Mary Lynn Rice-Lively is the Associate Dean of the UT@Austin School of Information. With over 25 years of management experience, she has held positions at the Dallas Public Library, the City of Dallas Mayor’s Office, at UT's Tarlton Law Library and University Libraries, and now at the School of Information. She has been a keen observer of organizations and managers of all types. Among her research and reading interests are the culture of networked communities, learning and information technologies, social sensemaking, and qualitative research in networked or computing environments. For more information see her Web site.

About the TA

John Reid is beginning his second year as an MSIS student at the iSchool. Prior to starting a career in library science, John led a very successful past life as a tuba player and music theorist, graduating from Texas Christian University in 2003. He plans on entering either academic or public librarianship after graduation.


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