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Student Evaluation and Grading

Student evaluation and assessment for grading purposes will be divided among the assignments. Please note that the degree and quality of personal involvement in and contributions to team projects, group discussion, etc. Obviously, what you learn and retain from this course largely is dependent upon you: your thoughtful and deep attention to the readings, learning tasks, as well as the graded and non-graded assignments.

Each of the five (5) Learning Modules contains a variety of assignments exploring the material covered in the module. Specific instructions for each assignment will be given in the appropriate unit. Students are invited to supplement assigned readings with relevant scholarly articles found on the Web, in the UT Library Online, in textbooks, or in journals. Please feel free to share with the class any particularly relevant articles you locate.

Assignments and discussion dates are on the schedule.

Specific graded assignments and their value follow:

Graded Assignments
Grade Points
"Too Many Cooks": Vision and Goals Exercise
Planning Exercise
Budgeting Plan
Management e-Portfolio: Annotated Article on Teamwork, Personal Leadership Agenda, Business Memorandum, Cover Letter and Resume

Specific non-graded personal learning tasks include the following. While no grade will be assigned to the exercise, your completion of these units contributes to your participation score and deepens your understanding of these elements of the course.

Self-introduction to the course
Technology Assessment
Student as learner in Virtual Classroom
Communication and reflective listening
Organizational structure exercise
Weekly participation in online discussions
Contribution to group work. (Groups)
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