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Module 5. Unit 3: Planning for Life Long Learning and Course Summary

At the beginning of this class we aimed to achieve specific learning objectives. These objectives included the follow

  1. Understand how the discipline and major theories of management evolved.
  2. Be able to perform some of the practical tasks that form an essential part of a manager's role such as: strategic planning, evaluation of systems and projects, budgeting, proposal writing, and marketing.
  3. Gain practical experience in solving problems inherent in supervising employees in a variety of information service settings.
  4. Develop insights into his/her innate competencies, strengths and weaknesses as managers, and recognize personal potential for leadership.
  5. Understand the nature and challenges of a "knowing organization."
  6. Develop a personal philosophy of management.

Your development as a manager and as a leader will continue to evolve as you acquire more experience and gain wisdom from life's successes and failures. It is now up to you to build into your professional life methods for life long learning and reflection on the topics we've explored. You must find suitable professional settings in which you can reflect on and explore day-to-day managerial problems and celebrations.



Read and reflect upon the above section.

Discussion Board:

Post to the Discussion Board in in the forum entitled Individual Management Development Plan your thoughts on the following questions:

Your management plan:

  1. In a few sentences, how would you describe your personal management philosophy?
  2. How do you plan to continue to develop as a manager? Provide specific examples.

Course summary/suggestions:

  1. Of the topics we explored, what do you wish we had explored further? On what topic do you wish we had spent less time?
  2. Are there subjects related to management that you wish we had covered? If so what are these topics?
  3. What future trends will managers be facing? Why do you suggest this?
  4. What was the most valuable lesson you learned or skill you acquired in this course of study? Why?


As noted in the evaluation and assessment section of this course Web site, participation in group activities and contributions to discussions are valued at 5 points toward the final grade for the class. During the first class we discussed that each student would be evaluated by their group members for their contribution to the group.

Please complete the evaluation form. This form is a compilation of evaluation criteria developed by each work group.

Following the instructions for building your e-portfolio, please complete all elements of the portfolio and post the URL to your portfolio in the discussion forum by that title.

Due Date:

July 6 11:30pm


Assignment section of Bb to the assignment entitled Group Evaluations or to the Digital Drop Box.

Value: Participation
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