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Module 1. Unit 1: Course Introduction

Managing Information Organizations and Services is a core course at the UT@Austin School of Information. This requirement reflects consensus among the faculty that all information professionals no matter where they work must develop a basic understanding of management theories and and develop competencies to become productive and professionally fulfilled members of their organization.

This semester, the INF 387C students will explore this complex field of study by delivering the course using a mix of Internet-based communication media and face-to-face interaction. Before you jump into the subject content of the course, please take the time to become familiar with the online classroom, as well as the expectations of the course instructor.

The following units will lay the foundation for your success in this class, so s-l-o-w down and take your time to read and digest the steps required of you during the next two units.

Module 1 is made up of four units: Unit 1: Introduction to the Class; Unit 2: Tools for the Virtual Classroom; Unit 3: Understanding Yourself and Others; and Unit 4: Working in Teams
  1. Acquaint yourself with the professor, the TA, and the other students in this class.
  2. Understand what the course is about, and why it is important for  information professionals to be strong managers and leaders.
  3. Read and understand the course learning objectives for the course.
  4. Read and agree to the class policies on participation and academic integrity.
  5. Understand why it is important to adopt critical thinking in the individual and collaborative work you will do for this class.
  6. Explore the variety of resources of information on management, historical and current.
  7. Understand the grading and assessment process (assignments, criteria for assessment, and the grading system) and be aware of the course schedule including assignment deadlines.
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Read Read carefully and throughout this class put into practice the tenets of "The Elements of Email Style."
Discussion Board Introduce yourself to the class on the Blackboard. Selecting Discussion choose the forum topic entitled Introductions. Please include 1) your name, 2) place of birth, 3) what kind of work you want to do, and 3) your preferred style of manager in a work environment. 4) What do you hope to get out of this class?
  1. Read and review the leadership assessment.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the class site and read through all of the information discussed above.
Due Date

June 4, 11:30 pm

Value Participation
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