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Module 1. Unit 2. Tools for the Virtual Classroom

What are the technological requirements for participating in an online learning environment?

  1. A moderate level of computer literacy.
  2. Convenient access to a Pentium II processor or the equivalent.
  3. Telecommunications access with a 28.8K or faster modem (56K is recommended); broadband through cable modem or DSL is even better.
  4. 32 MB system RAM; 200 MB free hard disk space memory or sufficient storage.
  5. Internet access with Mozilla, Firefox, or Safari, and CD-ROM capabilities. 

What type of student tends to do well in the distance education environment?

Certain people are better suited to distance learning than others.  Review the following characteristics, and consider how you plan to accomodate your behaviors that may be a challenge when studying in an online environment. The statements below tend to describe the profile for those who do well learning in an online environment:

  1. Meets the necessary technical requirements and is comfortable with the equipment.
  2. Allocates the time and resources to dedicate to university-level coursework.
  3. Practices excellent comprehension with the written word and use of e-mail as a communication medium.
  4. Is self-disciplined, self-guided, and committed to learning.
  5. Has the ability to prioritize responsibilities and work independently.
  6. Asks for assistance when needed to build academic and social support systems.
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Quinn, Chapters 1-3, p. 1-102.

Kirsner, Elements of Email Style

Review the information provided by the University Libraries on "Off-campus Connection Problems."

Read the information about free software available to UT students and download the latest version of the Virus Protection software and any other items you may need from Bevoware.

Review the differences between online and face-to-face learning.


Check your email address in the UT Electronic Directory. If the directory does not list your preferred email address, please modify the information.

Go to Tutorials on the iSchool Web site and take the tutorials on Getting Started at the iSchool.

Go to the University of Texas Distance Education Center's Basic Computer Skills site and review the "how to's" provided there.

Complete the Technology Inventory survey found on Blackboard under Assignments.

Complete the Online Learning Assessment survey on Blackboard under Assignments.


Discussion Board

Report to class on the Blackboard discussion topic entitled Learning about a) your learning style and b) any special challenges you see to learning in an online environment.

Due Date

June 4 at 11:30pm

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