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Module 1. Unit 3: Understanding Yourself and Others

In Module 1 Units 1 and 2 we used several assessment tools to trigger self-reflection as you prepare to learn in an online environment. You assessed yourself as a learner in a distance education environment as well as some of your technology competencies.

Quinn's book on Becoming a Master Manager incorporates a number of assessments throughout the text to guide student's reflection on their strengths and weaknesses. As managers we are not only managing projects, guiding employees, but we are also managing ourselves (Drucker, 1999). Before we can understand and lead others, we must learn to understand and manage ourselves.

During the 1990s Daniel Goleman introduced a popular and somewhat controversial book on emotional intelligence. In a new book entitled Primal Leadership, the authors assert that "Leaders have always played a primordial emotional role. No doubt humankind's original leaders -- whether tribal chieftain or shamaness--earned their place in large part because their leadership was emotionally compelling." Among the topics discussed in Chapter 2: The Mentor Role are how to to be self-aware and to practice reflective listening.

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Dulewicz, Victor & Malcolm Higgs. ( 2000). Emotional intelligence.


Complete this abbreviated version of the Myers-Briggs Personality Profile. Review the summary information about your personality type. Review leadership styles related to Myers-Briggs.

Following the instructions on p. 45 of Quinn conduct the analysis using Left-Handed Column for communication skill development.

For one week practice your reflective listening skills keeping a journal of your experiences.

Discussion Board

Post a summary of what you learned about yourself from these assessments to the Discussion Board forum entitled My Profile.


June 4 11:30pm

Discussion Board Post a summary your reflections to the class in the Reflective Listening forum. Please, don't use real names!
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