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Module 2. Unit 2: Management Case Study

This course not only enables your exploration of management theories, but it also facilitates understanding of your particular management competencies by assisting identification of your management strengths and weaknesses. To successfully develop an understanding of individual competencies each student must take responsibility for working through the analyses provided by Quinn at the end of each chapter of the text.

Developing managers must cultivate a self-awareness and an openness to growing and learning. One method to integrate theories and models is through the application of theoretical approaches to life-like situations. The use of case studies or scenarios puts a "face" on real situations. The case studies used in this course come from the imagination and only very generally from the experience of the course author.

A case study focuses on one organization, situation, or object under study. "The name case study is emphasized by some of us because it draws attention to the question of what specifically can be learned from the single case." (Stake in Handbook of Qualitative Research, Denzin and Lincoln, eds., 1994, 236.)

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Read some of the history of management theory: Select contributors to the development of management theory and a Summary of Management History (Allen).

Read the instructions for Analyzing a Case Study.

Read the case study, "Too Many Cooks."

Assignment (Individual)

In a report not exceeding three pages, please, respond to the following questions:

  1. How would you advise Cristina to assist her to get this project on track for completion by his manager's deadline? Write an analysis explaining your recommendations and why.
  2. Now, pretend you are Frederick Taylor and given what you have read of this theories and methods, what would you advise Cristina to do? (No more than 300 words.)
  3. If you were Douglas McGregor? (No more than 300 words.)
  4. Save file as either a .doc or.pdf file.
Post Case report to Digital Drop Box
Due June 11 11:30pm
Value 20 points
Discussion Board Participate in the class discussion in the forum entitled Too Many Cooks reflecting on how you would advise Cristina and why you are making these recommendations.
Due June 11 11:30pm
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