i387c managing information services and organizations






Class Policies

To succeed in this course you must familiarize yourself with the Web-based course environment. Review the course learning objectives, grading and assignments, class schedule, and learning modules. Student and the instructor agree to contribute his or her very best work.

Student responsibilities:

  1. Turn all assignments in on time. No late assignments will be accepted.
  2. Check and respond to class-specific email and read and respond to the discussion board daily. Upload all papers and reports to the Digital Drop Box in Microsoft Word (.doc) format unless otherwise instructed.
  3. Read, understand, and comply with expectations regarding the UT Policy on Academic Integrity.

Professor and teaching assistant responsibilities:

  1. Answer e-mail within 24 hours, unless otherwise indicated.
  2. Evaluate assignments and provide feedback considering the assessment criteria. Return class assignments promptly.
  3. Assist students as a group or individually with related with the course content, administrative issues or course-related technological support.
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