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Creating a Management e-Portfolio

Whether you are in your first or final semester of study at UT, eventually, you will be seeking your ideal job. The creation of your personal management portfolio will give you a head start on focusing on an articulation of your personal management skills and goals. For this course, the portfolio must include the following items:

  1. One page brief on the particular management competencies you wish to develop.
  2. Annonated article citation on the topic of teamwork.
  3. Personal Leadership Agenda.
  4. Business Memorandum.
  5. Sample Cover Letter and Resume (See guides at iSchool Career Services).

Post your e-Portfolio on the Web either using your Web skills and your iSchool account the Web publishing feature of Webspace. NOTE: Please convert each file to an .html format to be viewed using a Web browser, and NOT a file (.doc, .rtf, or .pdf) that downloads to the viewer's desktop. You can use Webspace if you do not have your own Web site. Read more about Webspace. If using Webspace, please set permissions either to public or assign instructor a "ticket" to view your documents.

Discussion Board Post the URL to your Management e-Portfolio to the forum with that name.
Evaluation Criteria
  • Exemplifies clear concise communication.
  • Exhibits reflection and thoughtfulness.
  • Demonstrates technical expertise.
  • Exemplifies accuracy and proper grammar.
Due Date July 6 at 11:30pm
Value 20 points


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