i387c managing information services and organizations






Class Schedule

June 6-12

Week Two

Discussion Forum
Face-to-Face Class
June 6-12

Module 1

Unit 3. (cont'd) Relective Listening Exercise


Unit 3

Read and review the Leadership Self-Assessment.


Post Due: June 8 11:30pm

No Face-to-Face Class June 12

Unit 4. Working in Teams

Unit 4

Read Quinn, p. 103-260.

Fishman, Whole Foods is All Teams and The Whole Foods Recipe for Teams


Teamwork Group Exercise.

Post to Blackboard Digital Drop Box

Post Due: June 11 11:30pm



Module 2

Unit 1. History of Management Theory


Unit 1

Quinn, p. 1-29, 86-182


Management Competences for E-portfolio Due July 6 (week 5)


Post Due: June 11 11:30pm

Unit 2: Exploring Management Theory through Case Studies

Unit 2

Read some of the history of management theory: Select contributors to the development of management theory and a Summary of Management History (Allen).


Case Study Analysis

In Digital Dropbox Due: June 11 11:30pm

Post Due: June 11 11:30pm

  Unit 3. Structure & Nature of Organizations

Unit 3

Mintzberg, Effective organizations: Forces and Forms. Sloan Management Review, 32(2), 54-68. Available in Course Documents

Post Due: June 11 11:30pm
  Unit 4.

Unit 4

Review the section of the Quinn text on managing conflict in Chapter 3, The Facilitator Role, p. 86-102.

Review the Career Services workshop material on how to build a strong resume.


Post Due: June 14 11:30pm


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